Basic Uniform:

  • * Frock Coat, Federal Pattern, Dark Green Wool (w/black buttons)
  • ◊ Sack Coat, Dark Blue Wool
  • * Trousers, Army Foot Pattern, Dark Green Wool (w/suspenders)
  • ◊ Trousers, Army Foot Pattern, Sky Blue Wool (w/suspenders)
  • * Forage Cap, Dark Green Wool (w/leather brim & strap & black ostrich plume)
  • Shirts, Army Issue or Period-Correct (1860s or prior)
  • ◊ Forage Cap, Dark Blue Wool (w/leather brim & strap)
  • Brogans (Shoes), U.S. Pattern, Black Leather, Rough-Side-Out (w/heelplates)
  • Socks, Gray or Brown Wool
  • Leggings, Knee-High, Brown Leather, Rough-Side-Out (OPTIONAL)
  • Glasses, Period Correct (if required to see)


  • * Rifle, 1859 Sharps New Model, Double-Set Triggers
  • Waist Belt, Black Leather (w/U.S. brass plate & keeper)
  • Cap Box, Black Leather
  • Cartridge Box,Black Leather (1855 or Sharps Model)
  • Cartridge Box Sling, Black Leather
  • Canteen, Smooth-Side or Bulls-eye, Light or Dark Blue Wool Cover
  • Bayonet & Scabbard (OPTIONAL)
  • Haversack, Black Tarred (w/inner bag)
  • Eating Utensils (plate, cup, fork, spoon)

Optional Items:

  • Vest, Military or Civilian Style
  • Great Coat, Federal Style, Sky Blue Wool (winter)
  • Knapsack, Sharpshooter Style, Hair Covered Calf Skin (w/mess kit)
  • Gum Blanket/Poncho, Rubberized or Painted (rain)

* These items should be obtained within the first year with the unit
◊ Alternate acceptable uniform items during the first year with the unit

Great Coat (Overcoat) Poncho Vest
Great Coat                    Poncho/Gum Blanket                    Vest

Tent            Berdan Mess Kit
                                        Tent                                    Mess Tin

Berdan Backpack (Back)Berdan Backpack (Front)Berdan Backpack Open (Front)
Berdan Sharpshooter Backpack
1859 Sharps New Model Rifle
1859 Sharps New Model Rifle (w/Double Set Triggers)

  Green Frock CoatShirt
Frock Coat                                            Shirt

Green Trousers        Suspenders        Leather Gaiters (Leggings)    Green Forage Cap
     Trousers                     Suspenders                 Gaiters         Forage Cap

        Canteen                             Brogans                            Haversack

Waist Belt    Cap Pouch    Cartridge Box Sling
   Waist Belt               Cap Pouch               Cartridge Box Sling

Cartridge BoxBayonet and ScabbardEating UtensilsGlasses
Cartridge Box          Bayonet & Scabbard          Utensils       Glasses